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Atlantic Divers
Avda Jose Antonio, Edif. Gaviotas 74G, Costa del Silencio, Arona, Tenerife. 38660. SPAIN

We are situated  next to Los Cristianos & Las Americas. Transport is free of charge to our centre and it takes 5 to 10  minutes.























                 Red Sea 2008 Trip. “Studs and Birds”


Day 1:  Three of us travelled from Tenerife, to meet at Gatwick, all the other guys who had travelled here, 7 from Scotland, another story, 1 from Ireland, 2 from Denmark, 1 from Spain and 4 from England. 12 of us hungry and thirsty divers, set off to an establishment to quench this desire. After much haggling it was agreed to feed us. Then at 10.45pm we heard those terrible words, Last orders please! We had only just arrived! 12 of us and they would not waver. Ah well. Off in search of another establishment. Success. And another story.


Day 2: We all got on the same flight this time. Yes, another story. And as custom dictates with these trips, we drank the plane dry…. Upon landing at Marsalam, stocking up with more drink, and after a short journey we boarded our vessel, the Grand Sea Serpent. Tired looking but a great boat. She went shortly for a full referb after our trip. Nothing to do with us I hasten to add. I do hope they repaired the drains though. We met the other guys here, Paul from England, Derek and Simon from S.A. and Father ‘fek orf’ Jack, from England we think.


Day 3: Off to Ras Shona for a shake down dive, after a thorough briefing from our two superb guides, to be named later!! Dive 1 was poor viz to start, but was more than made up for by the marine life. Blue spotted rays, Puffer fish, Porcupine fish, Morays, crocodile fish, lion fish, and many more. Dive 2 was on Marsu abu Dabab. This was much the same. As was the rule, each dive was followed by a superb meal. It was a great sunset this evening to round off a very good day. Off to the Brothers. Two reefs close together in the middle of the Red sea. Well it seemed like the middle!!


Day 4: Big Brother. On to rib to go to far side of the reef. Wow. Not long into this dive, Thresher sharks 3 or 4 of them, deep. Then dolphins just in viz range. Hard to top this one I thought. Also huge morays, tuna and the usual Butterfly fish, Angel fish, groupers. Dive 2, more sharks, Grey reef this time, along with the odd turtle. The top of this reef is very colourful, as where most of the reefs this trip. Dive 3 around the other side of the reef. I think we dived a wreck here. Not too sure. Please fill in the gaps guys. We than moved a short distance to Little Brother.


Day 5: 3 dives on The little Brother. Nice wreck on this dive. Only one or two sharks saw, Grey Reef. I am sure over the three dives we drifted all around this reef. After the dives and meal, we where introduced to a very good game, by one of the guides, to be named later. This game involved a lot of cunning on the part of the players. Werewolves, witches, villagers, spring to mind. Good game.


Day 6. Daedalus reef. What a days diving we had here. Dive 1, about a dozen Hammerheads. After this dive we watched the Oceanic White tips being fed by the crew. Then we jumped in the water for dive two, and yes, had some great close encounters with these pelagic. Did we not Juan? After 10 minutes, we drifted off with the huge Napoleon wrasse, Barracuda etc. Dive 3 was much the same, but drifting in another direction. Awesome diving. After this we where treated to tea and a smoke by the light house keeper here on Daedalus. Now there’s a job for you.


Day 7. Another two dives on Daedalus reef. The dives where again awesome. This reef has some great reef formations with some very good swim throughs. Most of the coral is undamaged, and the maine life abundant. Many large fish just drift by you. Various types of Tuna, sharks appear from nowhere, and the ever present shoals of orange/golden Scalefins. Pipefish, Trumpet fish, Barracuda, Filefish plusmany others. After the diving, the chef had prepared us a wonderful meal of roast turkey and roast spuds. Wow! A short sailing to a small inlet near Marasalam for a night dive followed. Most participated, a few did not. Those few on board bravely tried to reduce the alcohol stock still on board. Failed. Too much!!! But reinforcements arrived as the divers trundled back wet but happy with tales of Spanish Dancers, morays and sleepy fish. Time for another game of Werewolves.


Day 8. Off to the Elphinstone Reef. This one dive was a bit of a disappointment, especially after the two days on Daedalus. Started dark and gloomy, then improved as we drifted back to the boat. One or two White tip reef sharks spotted. Dive 2 was in a large sandy bay where we went looking for the elusive Dugong. And yes, it was elusive, even after one hour plus underwater by some of us. However we where rewarded by large Green Turtles, many with Remora attached to them.

So ended a week of 16 memoriable dives, and better still, all without mishap.

We then sailed back to Marasalam, disembarked from the Grand Sea Serpent, on to our small RIBs and sailed off in to the sunset towards our hotel. Here we all booked in, and headed straight for the bar. After a few, we readied ourselves for the evening meal. Then back to the bar. It was during this sortee, a marble table crashed to floor, and disintegrated! Total accident, but not seen as so by the management. A heated discussion ensued with the phrases, you can stick it up your arse mate, and, do not tell me to put things up my bottom, followed. It was decided by both parties to continue this discussion in the morning. As in true egyptian fashion, nothing happened. Matter closed.


Day 9: Lazy day by the pool, or walk abouts, before our departure for the airport. After security, customs, check in, security, customs and security with customs, I am sure I saw the same official 4 times! We boarded. And in true Atlantic Divers Red Sea fashion, drank her dry.

Thanks once again guys for a great week. Myself and Kerry thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hope to see you all here next year.