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D I V E    S I T E S

99%       of all diving is from OUR OWN diving boats

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We have over 30 different diving locations in south Tenerife, many we have personally found over the years. There are still sites that we are the only ones at present who actually dive there. We dive twice daily from our boats, where you can visit Tenerife's fantastic Lava reefs and marine life. Quite often with Dolphins accompanying us to and from dive sites.

 The choice of dives is completely up to you.

Over 85% of diving schools in Tenerife travel to Las Galletas harbour to dive from. Up to 200 divers a day leave the harbour.   This is why we chose to locate our dive centre in Tenerife in an area where it all happens, where you can mix with other divers from all over the world.  This diving in Tenerife area is well away from all the Jet Skis and noise of Las Americas. It is an area soon to have the prestigious title of The diving Capital of the Canary Islands. 


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Atlantic Divers
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Atlantic Divers
C/L Minerva 16, Apts.Las Gaviotas 74G, Costa Del Silencio, 38660, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

We are situated  next to Los Cristianos & Las Americas transport is free of charge to our centre and it takes 5 minutes.

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Late       Bookings Accepted

Stingray Wreck depth 18-20 meters - Boat Dive

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Distance from Dive Centre on Boat - 2 Minutes

This is a boat dive on an old wreck, sitting on a sandy bottom surrounded by Stingrays.  You can enter the wreck from both ends and swim through to the other side.  We have a friendly turtle that usually visits us, to be fed when he taps your head for food.  This dive is so condensed with fish it is like swimming in a crowded fish tank.  Stingrays, Eagle Rays, huge Atlantic Rays and sometimes if you are lucky the odd Manta Ray are waiting in anticipation to be fed.  The wreck is home to Moray's and a large family of Trumpet Fish, Oh! and not forgetting the dancing prawns inside the wreck.  This dive is amazing and divers come back to do it again and again.      !!UPDATE!!   THE TURTLE IS BACK!!


Rock de Fabien 22 - 50 meters - Boat Dive
Distance from Dive Centre on Boat - 4 minutes

This is an amazing dive. As you descend down the line there are Striped Barracuda everywhere some reaching 1 meter in length.  If you are lucky you will also see some Boxlip mullet. The rock is covered in Coral from top to bottom and it is surrounded by clear pure white sand. This is not a dive for beginners due to the depth. Small rock swim through caves with a few Morays lying in 34 meters.

Yellow Mountain 5 - 24 meters - Shore Dive or Boat
 Distance from Dive Centre on Boat - 7 minutes

This is a very popular dive site. A dive site soon to become a Marine Reserve. We have eradicated most Sea Urchins from here, the result is amazing. Come and see for yourself. An awesome dive !!! Underneath is like diving on the moon, crystal clear scenery. As you swim down through the Lava overhangs, above you small sand smelts litter the view.  A swim through the lava rocks reveals multi coloured soft corals and sponges, as you can see from the picture. The large cave, called Cathedral Rock, with a width of around 4 meters, an easy swim through, with the exit through the whole in the top. The boat will anchor in 6 meters of water, maximum depth on this dive is 25 meters. Here we can see several Moray's in the rocks, octopus, Roncadores, Barracuda plus many types of other Marine life.

Distance from Dive Centre - 15 Minutes

 One of the best dives. Drop into crystal 25 meters of water, to be met by at least 6 large groupers, then move to the 30 meter ledge, dropping off to 40 meters plus, surrounded by Black Coral. Here you will be met by the two huge friendly resident groupers, a huge shoal of large Barracuda, and usually Puffer fish, various species of rays, Medregal up to 2 meters, Angel Sharks... the list goes on. An amazing dive.


Champinones depth 22-32 meters - Boat Dive
Distance from Dive Centre on Boat - 2 Minutes

Championes in the English language means Mushrooms.  This got its name from the type of rock formations you see on this dive. The volcanic scenery here is very dramatic swimming through holes and overhangs, with drop off reefs. This dive is well known for the free swimming moray eels. Large Tuna including Trigger fish are popular on this dive. Other common fish are Glass-eye (Catalufa) and Barracuda.  We often start here for a great drift dive, covering two other sites on route.

Palm Mar Caves 34 meters - Boat Dive
Distance from Dive Centre on Boat - 10-15 minutes

This is a very interesting dive due to its history, which prevents divers from going all the way inside the cave, even though we know you cannot resist the temptation of what is inside.  A complete wall of moray eels live inside and outside the cave in the many crevices.  A great variety of fish inhabit this area, you will see Glass eyes, larger fork beards, lobsters, Atlantic barracudas and much more. A small cross for the memory of Jacques Cousteau is next to the wall. We drop the anchor in around 19 meters, then drop over the ledge to have a look at the cave mouth. Further to the right of the cave is a statue of the Madonna and baby Jesus, put there to bless the fisherman as they leave the port of Cristianos. A good site for the large Atlantic Rays.

Las Rosas 6 meters - 30 meters  Boat Dive
Distance from Dive Centre on Boat - 7 Minutes

 It is a barrier with volcanic rock forming vaults, shallow caves and small tunnels with large blocks of rock which have fallen from the upper part. Descending past different colours of soft coral on the rock surfaces, swim underneath schools of little fish which shine between the sunrays, which gives them a luminous effect.  Rockfish can be found all over the sand between the rocks, dusky groupers and white bream that habitat this area well.
A fantastic and easy dive as we anchor in 6 meters and drop over the ledge to 18 meters. This large ball of Roncadores greets you as you exit a large swim through. For the more experienced they can swim further down to view the black coral which lies in 30 meters. This site has also been cleared of sea urchins with dramatic effects.

Condesito Wreck 10-45 meters - Boat Dive
Distance from Dive Centre on Boat - 10 Minutes

This was a large coaster carrying a cargo of concrete which ran aground after developing steering problems. Luckily for us it rammed itself up a beautiful gully.  Lying between 10-18 meters, the wreck itself has now broken up, exposing the boiler and engine room. Access is easy from the rear hold swimming through the remains of the cargo.  The wreck is home to a family of Trumpet Fish and Octopus, with the top of the wreck surrounded by thousands of Sardines. From here we can swim off to an area with Black Coral, spectacular views at 40 meters with a drop of  to 60 meters and deeper.

Steps/Bananas 20-37 meters - Boat  Dive/Drift
Distance from Dive Centre - 5 Minutes

This is a boat dive where we can descend to 3 meters or free fall to 15 meters.  This dive is  for the very experienced and novice. We quite often see our dolphin friends during the trip here, up to now they will not come near us, only view us from a distance. But we are working on it. The top part of this dive is a rocky platform just 5m below the surface of the water, now cleared of urchins.  We swim past a platform covered in sea weed before we drop to a depth which is current dependent on the direction we go.  Swimming around us, we will see schools of  barracudas and almaco jacks feeding on the banks of the smaller fish.  Divers have described this area as like flying when we have strong currents. Here we normally see the Angel Sharks during winter, sting rays throughout the year, and tuna when we a re lucky.

Coral Arch 18-24 meters - Boat Dive
Distance from Dive Centre - 5 Minutes

A dive with a difference.  Anchoring in about 18 meters, we swim down through arches of various sizes.  Underneath one great large arch is a Stone Dolphin which is for
Jacques Cousteau, an amazing feature. Along side is another for a local dive centre owner. In another area, a chair and photo monument lies in memory of an old friend of ours, from the old La Morena. The soft corals and colours underneath the arches are a must.

Ali Baba Caves 40 meters - Boat Dive
Distance from Dive Centre - 10 Minutes

This dive is not for the novice divers.   Descending into 32 meters down the anchor line next to a  drop off to the cave.  Dropping over the edge brings you into the cave mouth.  We have seen many Angel Sharks and Large Groupers on this dive. A torch is a must, as when you shine your torch on the walls the whole cave comes alive with shrimps. The entrance of the cave lies on pure white sand which if you look behind you drops off again but we only look.  Above the caves the bubbles brush your face as you swim over the top. Once again not for the inexperienced as on a high tide we have reached 45 meters on the cave mouth.   Currents can be expected some days.

The Blow Hole
Distance from Dive Centre - 25 Minutes Drive

This is a dive only for the advanced and the adventurous diver.  The entrance point is a 5 meter giant stride into a Blow Hole approximately 3 meters across.  At the bottom of the blow hole you exit through a cavern full of Octopus, Lobsters and prawns.  Once in the open sea the dive continues up to a depth to about 25 meters to a large swim through covered in huge Jewel anemones. Returning to shore, we can  enter into a large cave system with plenty of entrance and exits.  The cave system is in a maximum of 6 meters deep which allows lot and lots of bottom time.  Typical fish are Catulufa, Dorada, Parrot Fish, Various Eels, Octopus and trumpet fish. The dive finish's underneath steps making an easy exit.

Stone City 15 - 20 meters
Distance from Dive Centre - 6 Minutes

 This is usually a drift dive, dropping off the boat into around 12 meters of water and following the white sand down to 20 meters.  We glide with the current (easy life) along the reef wall, towering 10 meters plus above us. On this dive you will see all our normal local fish plus Stingray's.  This dive is not dived by any other school (to our knowledge) This is a nice relaxing dive taking in the beautiful scenery and having the time to enjoy just being there.

Deep  Diving Deep Diving Deep Diving Deep Diving

There are over 7 different sites in which we visit for deep dives.  Please understand that it is only  qualified and experienced divers who can dive these dives.   We will have a separate boat, stage tanks and all safety procedures will be followed.  On Friday's we dive with the locals here in Tenerife.  Friday's are a day where we explore the deep dives so we know EXACTLY where to take you when you get here.

Distance from Dive Centre - 8 Minutes  
Cita Del Mar 
- Large fishing trawler, lies in 48 meters.  I call it the ghost ship as it still has a presence to this day.  We free fall into 25 meters and swim down to the wreck, delayed smb's are carried and free ascents on this dive.  The boat follows the whole dive.  15 Lts are carried pumped to 225 Bar and ponies also.

Distance from Dive Centre - 7 Minutes or 10 Minutes (two different area's)
Black Coral - Now we have two dives which are called Black Coral, one is called Coral Negro which means the same in Spanish.  These dives lead us down to 45 meters where on both dives you will find arches created by the lava flow years ago.  If your lucky you might see the two moon fish which live there.  This is where you see the big fish, large black stingray's, Angel Sharks, Groupers and always lots of large groups of Barracuda.  These dive sites are only 5 minutes on the boat from Las Galletas harbour.  We have been diving this dive for 10 years now and even we go back on our days off.

  • Galletas Bay
  • Back Drop
  • Stingrays
  • Championes
  • Palm Mar Shore
  • Palm Mar Caves
  • Palm Mar Barracuda
  • Condesito Wreck
  • Yellow Mountain
  • The Arch
  • Steps
  • Coral Arch
  • Roncadores 1
  • Roncadores 2
  • Cristianos Drop
  • Parasio Reef
  • Parasio Wall
  • Callo Rocks
  • North Escape
  • Marazul
  • Cita Del Mar wreck
  • Fonsalia 
  • Ali Babas Cave 
  • Atlantic Reef
  • Sharks Cave
  • White Moon
  • El Miridian wreck
  • L`Estorne wreck
  • San Miguel rock