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It has been a good couple of years, on the up!     

Enjoy the comments, we did!!!  Existing customer e-mails will also be posted on this page for your reference. 

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  2011/12. Picking up slowly..... !! 

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A Customers Point of View

Dear Kerry!

Good Afternoon

First of all, I want to tell you thanks a lot for unforgettable diving that gave me your club, and you personally, as my guide & buddy.

Thank you for the air that you kindly gave me after visiting Cita Del Mar. I believe our adventure with that deep dive and fairly quick ascent

did not affect on your health. On mine too ... I wish you to see a whale, if not in every dive, then once a month at least.

Good luck to you, dear!

All the best!

Best regards,

Vista Shipping agency AS

Vassili Suprun

Fleet Manager


Hi Atlantic Dive,

Just to give a small bit of feedback, I was on a muscat tour and Sarah from your company was there giving advice on try dive so our group had a bash at it just simply because Sarah was really pleasant and full of information.

If our group was not flying home the next day I would be sitting outside your office for another 45min dive.

Just wanted to say Sarah was great and full of information she made use very calm in the water, she is a great person and a credit to your company

Many thanks

George Stewart

Facilities Assistant


This is an email to say thankyou too everyone at Atlantic diver for a great week of diving and completing my open water diving course I will definitely be back to dive with you and hopefully continuing to dive In the UK




We finally got our PADI cards! Mine came direct some weeks ago, but for some reason Joe's followed a more circuitous route via yourselves.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the fantastic experience we had in August. Joe is so enthralled by it all that he has asked his school to consider a diving course as a school trip (nominating yourselves as a potential provider, naturally). I'm also looking for means of continuing the fun, but not in British waters!

I have one small request to make. Do you, by any chance, have a photo of Tallulah that you could send me? I think that she would make a great subject for a contribution to a new website called Anything that you send me will be properly attributed, of course.

Once again, thanks for everything. Now I just need an excuse to return...

Regards,   David Teasdel.


Geoff, Kerry et al

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your hospitality.

We had a great time diving with you,

Clive, Anne, Ben & Will Robinson.


Thank you Geoff! Great meeting you too and all the best to you and your family!




Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the invitation but no vacation in october :) hope all is well.

I'm sending some photos from our great week in Tenerife . Can you please forward them to Tess, the Russian Couple, Steve and Chris.





Geoff & Scott,

thank you so much for a wonderful and unforgettable diving experience and for being such great teachers/instructors!

I am attaching pics of Ava & me. Please let me know if you need different pictures.

Philadelphia , PA 19147 USA

All the best,



Thanks Geoff I will pass on the thanks to the rest of the club.

Feedback was positive although some of the cylinders need some TLC.

Personally I would dive with you anytime. Thanks to you and the staff.



Dear Geoff,

Thank you for the hospitality and the best service! We really enjoyed visiting your dive center! Additionally we would like to express our special gratitude to your team. We are looking forward to being in Costa del Silencio next time.

Please find attached some underwater pictures with you.

Best regards,

Alex and Tatyana


Hi Kerry and Geoff,
Thanks for an absolutely brilliant time diving with you. Please find attached (hopefully) scans from our knowledge reviews. The answers are from both of us, after discussion.
Thanks again for everything you did to make our trip so fantastic,

Steve and Chris

The photo's are well received, also many thanks therefore

The moment we 're back in Tenerife , we will certainly dive again with you

See ya,

Frederik & Hoda


Hi Kerry

Thank for the newsletter. It was fantastic that day with the devil/manta. I´ve never dreamed of seeing the ray there. I´m leaving Denmark 12. august for vacation in Sanur, Bali , Indonesia and diving with Crystal Divers there. I have a niece down there who´s working as an instructor at the center. I´ve hoped to see my first devil/manta down there at Manta Point - but now i´ve already seen one at Tenerife . Now i hope to see even more mantas ond maybe, if i´m ucky a whalesshark or mola-mola.

Hope you are well.

Best regards to you and Geoff

Torben , Denmark #269468



The bruises are almost gone now, thankfully.But we are considering coming back later in the year - so I can get some more! 

We all had such a great time so we are just trying to decide a week.  Maybe the first week of October or November - to celebrate my birthday.  We'll let you know.

Let me know about the stopover and I'll make up the spare room and get some more beers in. Bloody football!





Hi Geoff & Kerry,


We had such a great time diving with you both last week and can't believe the time went by so quickly - we are already back home and missing Tenerife, but have lots of photos to remind us of our holiday. We remembered that Kerry had asked for some of the photos, so we have zipped up some of our favourites and are attaching them in case they are of interest. The rest follow in another mail - sorry if they clog up your inbox.

Thanks for making our holiday so special, and for rescuing me when I got caught out by the current - I'm still mortified.

Hope the BSAC boys are behaving themselves this week - but if not, I'm sure Kerry is putting them in their place!

Re your trip to Egypt in October - the offer stands: if you want to travel to Gatwick a day or two either side of the trip to take advantage of cheaper air fares, then we would be happy to put you up - we have plenty of spare room and would make you very welcome. Just let us know.

Thanks again - we are already talking about our next trip.


Jen & John

Hello Geoff

Good dives with you last week
May be Jean, from Altamira/El Beril La Caleta, call you for other diving people, cause Y talk, for you, to him and let your card.
The two snaps are for Debs. Y cann send all the snaps Y took if she want.

Best dives

Président ASM Plongée
06 62 59 40 70


Hi everyone.
Just wanted to say thanks very much for a great couple of sessions learning to dive the other week with Kerry and Scott - Kerry was great and really looked after me even when I could'nt sort my boyancy and kept zoomin up n down all over the place ! Anyway thankyou very much for all your help and support I enjoyed it and will be back im sure –

Richard Nicholson, Yorkshire .


Hi Geoff, Kerry

Seems we've brought some tenerife weather home with us - a balmy 20C here today but hardly a Calima ;-)

Many thanks for the 2 days diving with you last week - really enjoyed the dives and your company, and sharing air with Kerry on that semi-planned 'out of air' training exercise at the end of the last dive !

Wishing you all the best for the future, having made it to Los Cristianos twice now hopefully see you again next year or maybe before if we can't make up our minds on anywhere else to go later in this one.

Best Regards



Hi Geoff

Hope your well, I enjoyed the couple of days diving with you. Hopefully we will be back, Maxine my partner enjoyed our stay and I have. to say the diving was better than I was expecting, so that's a good reason to come back for a winter break.

I have attached some photos as I did not get to download them for you, I am happy for you to post them on your site if you wish, a bit disappointed with the seahorse pic you can just see his head, the sideways photo was out of focus. But at least i got one, nudibranch shots were good and the turtle close up's, she was hilarious.

Take care mate



Hi Geoff,

I would just like to thank you so much for looking after Adam and his brother, Daniel, last week.

I have received lovely feedback from the family telling me what an amazing holiday they had and how fantastic the scuba diving was. Adam has had a really tough time these past few years and this holiday meant the world to him and his family.

Thank you so much for your time and your generosity. This is something that Adam will never forget.

With warmest wishes,


Debbie Fryer | Wishgranting Co-ordinator DD: 01276 40 50 45

Make-A-Wish grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions


Dear Geoff,

First off all let me thank you again for unforgettable impressions and all, I do believe we were extremely lucky to get you as our guide to the increadible sea world.

Now looking at the heavy snowfall through my window the Tenerife sounds like a fairy tale;)

Well, I've promised to send you a link to a video with rays, here you are: However that was my mistake, this video wasn't taken by Andrei, I've found it on another web site:

BTW I've checked PADI site -- it looks like the "check dive" option is available for registered My PADI users, unfortunately registration of new members is unavailable now (, that's why I'm asking you to check this sometime and notify me our PADI IDs when assigned.

Many thanks,




Geoff, Kerry

Thanks for the diving and trips to the airport, had a really great time again.

Lets see if my daughter is as interested next year about doing it, as she was this year.

All the best

Nichol Riggott
Senior Managing Consultant

Hello Geoff Bidwell,

Thank you SO much for your donation it is very much appreciated. To submit your donation please do it via just giving at;

We will of course accredit you and your company within the documentary we are producing from this expedition.

On another note I am a film maker, qualified in under water cinematography, maybe when my work dies down here we could produce a film about you, and your ocean cleaning activites. We also have alot of keen divers on board our project so if you would ever like a few extra hands feel free to ask.

Hope we can keep in touch, and meet for a drink one day,

Take it easy,

Chris Light

AWF Creative Director

AWF, St Martins House, 59 St Martins Lane ,Covent Garden, London 2CH 4JN



Just wanted to say a very big thank you for assisting me with my dive, thank you also from my wife who thoroughly enjoyed the boat ride even though she didnt go snorkelling in the end, Please can you tell Scott that my wife Lesley (the snorkeler that didnt go snorkeling as he called her) got her Sea Mouse shell home in one piece after lots of careful handling and packing (he said he would be impressed if she did this lol)

Please can you forward me information that Geoff spoke to me about regarding diving in Cornwall , (a bloke from the dive school was on the same dive as me) and also any other information you have regarding diving in England .

Many thanks in advance

Jason & Lesley (from Lincoln )

Geoff and Kerry,

Thanks again for the great time diving with you while on Tenerife ! I look forward to your visit and diving with you in Lake Superior .

Sorry it's taken awhile to get these photos to you. btw, the originals are much higher resolution - let me know if you want an original.

I'm still putting to together a video from all the Hero2 clips and will send that to you or a youtube link when it's complete.





Want to thank you one last time for your hospitality over the two weeks I was diving with your dive center.  The deep wreck, deep steps, and wreck near Los Christianos really stand out as the highlights.  In particular, your willness to meet with your customers socially is a nice benefit to diving with your dive center.

Am looking forward to getting you and Debs up to Lake Superior .  Because this sailing trip is ending in May/June of 2012 my first opportunity to host you on Lake Superior will be July/August of 2013. 

We are here in San Sebastian and working on provisioning and final prep on the boat. We are jumping off to the "other side" Sunday.  Will be on the water for about 21 days.  Have you entered in the blog list that I send notes out to friends and family.

We are will be assessing the interest in diving with you November 2012.  Right now there are four heads that have committed to going.

Thanks again to Kerry and Scott.

Dive Safe,




Thanks very much to you and your staff for a great dive trip. Bill, Marshall and I are trying to get our larger dive-group interested in coming to Tenerife and if we do, we'll be contacting you.

Doug Fraedrich


Hi Kerry!

How are you guys? I hope you are doing well. I looked at some photos from our last trip. Here is one of these photos.

Thank you once more for a wonderful time spent together!

Our warmest wishes to Geoff! Hope to see you soon.



Hi Geoff,

Just a quck note to say thankkyou for taking Aimee and her friend diving last tuesday they both really enjoyed it, thanyou very much.

I will try not to leave it so long before we come back again.

all the best