Text Box: Hi Geoff
 Thanks for a great week the kids are really full of it and Judy canít stop talking about diving! Havenít forgot the 140 E I only get in to town on a Thursday and as long as I remember to take your details this time I will sort it out this week!  Already looking into the Red Sea trip! Has Kerry managed to sort out Adamís video?  
Thank you, Cheryl
 thanks for the mail, rest assured you will see us in the future !
 All the best Martin
Hi Geoff
 just a quick note to say thanks from the Hardman's and the Knowles' for last week. We all enjoyed ourselves, dived safely and all qualified. All in all a good week. Tenerife and Atlantic Divers was a great place to learn and the Hardmans will definitely be back. Coming back to work today was a challenge...I would rather be on the boat on the way out of Las Galletas harbour.
 Morning Geoff, Kerry,
 Thought I would send you some photos of my recent trip to Tenerife,  also just to say I had a great time diving. I have some other ones as well, suppose they are all a bit mixed in terms of quality, but need to persevere and keep diving and taking photos. 
 I have some other ones I can send if you are looking for some pics for your web, moray, parrot, cuttlefish,, couple of ray, starfish, zebra, all varying quality but none that would win a Jacques Cousteau award, but some are ok. Still trying to get the angel shark video improved. Anyway, if you want these photos,let me know and I will email them over.
 Awe ra best..Ed
Ed Hutchison
Hello Geoff
 Now reluctantly settled back in grey, damp Blighty, Tamsin and I would like to thank you and Kerry for a good day's diving.  We just wish our stay could have been a bit longer! Thanks as well for your efforts in trying to reunite me with the errant DSMB and reel.  Just in case your friend/ acquaintenance has not already left for the UK or if you are able to contact him without too much hastle, can you ask him to send the kit to my work address as it is  safer than leaving it on the front doorstep of my home adress which is generally what happens with the wonderful Royal Mail!  I hope that the forthcoming summer will be a productive and hastle-free time for you.
 All the best  Jonathan and Tamsin
 Hi Geoff/Kerry (and Deb)
Just thought we'd drop you a line to say thanks for last week.  The four dives were amazing, yes, even the rays, which made me squeal like a baby!!  Even the boat rides were brilliant - Well done Kerry!
 Can't wait until we are back out there, we'll definately be diving with you guys again.
Thanks again.
Jenny & Steve Slater
hi debs and geoff
the computer you found is not mine .i would just like to says thanks again for the two great dives we went on i have reccomended you to some freinds of mine who are visiting tenerife later in the year they do not believe how good the diving is i have showed the your website and pictures .
i hope to see you next year for some more diving if the wife allows it 
thanks steve 
 Hi Guys
Just thought I would send a quick email on behalf of myself, Mike (Sick boy) and Nick to express our genuine thanks for a great time during our PADI Open Water Diving course last week!!
We will no doubt be continuing our diving in the future thanks to you - possibly even visiting you all again at some point! Once again, many thanks - we had an amazing time! 
 (Hope we werenít too annoying Ė and Mike says sorry for the mess he made to your wet suit and boat) haha J
 Weíll be sure to recommend you to all who are willing to listen!!! I have attached a couple of photos that you were kind enough to take on our behalf!
Regards (from a very cold England)
Damian, Mike & Nick
hi geoff 
just quick mail to say thanks to you and kerry for some good diving and looking after fay . i have recommended you to a mate he will be over at the end of the month.
regards kirk and fay
 Hi Geoff.
Hope that you guys are all fit and well, and that you had a good holiday. Despite being under the weather Karen and I had a great holiday out there with you guys, and look forward to coming out again in the new year. Say Hi to everybody and good luck with your quiz nights.
Have fun, best regards Forest
 Hey you.  How are you? 

Can't believe its only a week now since we returned form this
fantastic trip and its like forever...maybee its the long hours:
working 10-12 hours/day to catch up + this wekend...yawn!!!

What a GREAT week - hope you enjoyed it just as much...
or even more.... ;-)  being your first holiday for years.
Really nice you guys came and spent the last hours with
us in "our" airport - enjoyed that. We returned to dark and
cold...just around zero.....well, its that time of the year so
thats how it is....Anyway, thanks again for catching up and
joining us on some of the dives - a pleasure.....!!!
And the company.....all together!!!
March is so far away....
Take care and safe diving ;-) 

Love Anne

PS: say hi to Kerry and wish her a GREAT trip to the states....

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                              Thanks for a fantastic year last year everyone. It is so great to see so many regulars. Safe diving to all our customers, new and old.


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