Many thanks once again for your great comments and photos. Geoff, Debs, Kerry and all the guys and gals at Atlantic Divers.  

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Text Box: Hello everybody,
 Trying to survive in a bitter cold Denmark, we warm up by looking at the pictures from our very nice expedition to the northern part of the Red Sea. If you would like to se them to, then just follow this link to the pictures:
 From there you can download the pictures one by one, or the entire folder – all in a decent resolution.
 Hope that you all returned safe and sound to your homes, and looking forward to seeing you again sometime – maybe on a Red Sea South Expedition next year!!
 Thank you all for the good companionship, good dives, and lots of laughs.
 Have a nice evening.
 Jens & Anne
As an avid Diver, I would like to say that we applaude the best of services supplied by schools and resorts, unfortuneatly as paying customers we rarely do and expect the best of services to be suupplied as a matter of course.It is on this note that I would like to bring thefollowing two resorts to notice as going above and beyond the call of duty. Euro Divers in Zante, Greece and Atlantic Divers, Tenerife. Euro Divers were extremely helpful when I forgot my divers Log book at the end of the holiday and instructed one of there instructors to bring my self and my colleagues Log books to the Airport before our flight left ( An embarrassing Faux Par by a Master Scuba Diver) as well as providing a healthy balance of Dives tailored to every standard. And Atlantic Divers for the general mix of Dives and relaxed & easy going staff members. All dives were conducted in a safe secure well maintained enviroment providing enjoyment for new and old divers alike. I would like to take this oppurtunity to make mention of Geoff, Owner and DM of Atlantic divers as a truly inspiring Buddy who provided one of the most interesting Wreck Dives complete with submurged turlte who followed for a distance of about 500 yards. Both stores are Gold palm resorts and rightly so. Well Done .!!
Kind Regards 
Rick Dugan ( Master Scuba Diver ) 
Hi  Geoff, Kerry,  Bonny
 Just  a  line  to  say  thanks  for  the  OW  course. Really  enjoyed  it. Kerry / Bonny can  you  email  me  some  of  the  photos  taken  on  Oct  4th  of  the  Rays, Would  really  appreciate  it                         Thanks  again  guys. See  you  in  May.
 Cheers    David  O  Keane
Hi again

Here they all are - just link on the Vis album line here under the date....
Tenerife Diving 2007.09
af Jens 
Vis album 
Besked fra Jens:
Dette er kun til de offentlige albums.
Hvis du har problemer med at se denne e-mail, skal du kopiere og indsætte følgende i din browser: 
Del dine billeder med andre, eller få besked, når dine venner deler deres! Få din egen gratis Picasa Webalbum-konto.

Hope you enjoy :-) 

Dear Geoff
 Sorry this has taken a long time being sent to you but a HU-U-U-GE "thank you" to you in particular but also to Kerry and Brian for enabling me to have a fantastic few days diving. Being BS-AC trained, it was quite interesting seeing the PADI way of doing things which, when it boiled down to it, isn't very much different really. It was actually quite nice not to have to sit through a long briefing before-hand about the dive site, alternate site, weather, tides, currents, emergencies, SEEDS etc, though not sure whether that is normal BS-AC practice or just RAF Cranwell being very pedantic, being a service club.
 I've shown the photos to Wes and he is so proud that you have continued in the same vein of "patch up and make do" - he was very impressed with the string holding your boat together! (I think I may have embellished the truth slightly. Only slightly, mind). He will be trying to contact you again, probably via the website.
 Sue tells me that she is coming out for 2 weeks in February to do some more PADI training. I think I'd like to gain PADI qualifications also but I cannot make Feb. No doubt Sue will be happy to come out with me when I can make it - staying somewhere much closer this time! 
 What training will I need to do? Is there a transfer option from BS-AC to PADI as there is the other way around? Or will I need to start something from scratch? How much will it cost? I am a Dive Leader with 108 dives, though by the time I can get to do any training I hope to have a lot more - definitely a dive on New Year's Day at Stoney plus Thailand in Feb plus a few more Gildenburghs no doubt - oh joy!!
 Once again, thank you very much for some wonderful diving. I look forward to the next time. Hope you have a good time in the Red Sea - a bit of a busman's holiday?!!
 Cheers  Linden
Hi Geoff
 Just to thank you & your team for a most enjoyable, well organised & safe week's diving. Will get back for some more when I can!
Hi Geoff, Debs and Kerry
 Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU, for making my week in Tenerife so fantastic!!!  I cannot believe that the time has flown by so quickly and that I am now back at work!  Yuk!!  Keep saying to myself, if I was in Tenerife now, I'd be, in my wetsuit, diving or eating or whatever!
 It was such a thrill all the dives I did and the amount that I saw and experienced, I am afraid I am boring the pants off everyone over everything that I saw, including people that came into the shop on Saturday and Sunday when I was working.  Went to the dive club last night and was telling those that were there as well, I will shut up eventually!!!  The main people that sort out exped's were not there, but I will be seriously looking at the club coming over, if it can be sorted out.  Just need some 'basic' accommodation for us, and costs etc so that I have something that I could put to them, or even organise myself.  I know the club's main dive exped is to Thailand in Feb, hence my coming over then, but they are also planning a trip to Gibraltar, so I am not sure where one to Tenerife would fit in with plans, vacation time, and finances, but I will ask and keep you informed.
 Now the bad news.  I have been looking at my annual leave and I may be able to get two weeks away again to come back to Tenerife and do some more diving with you.  Hopefully to venture to other dive sites as well, but the Stingray site is my ultimate favourite. I am planning this for some time in February 08 when I have spoken to the boss and wheedled my way out of delivering on some courses that are scheduled for then!  I will let you know nearer the time and any accommodation I may require help with.  I know that giving you this amount of notice, you will have relocated your centre by February, but I sincerely hope not!!  After all, I will now be stocking up on shortbread till then!
 I must go and get some more work done, but once again, Thank you for making Linden and myself so welcome, it was such a wonderful experience to have last week. 
 Many thanks again.
 All the best,   Sue.  
PS Give the turtle a tickle for me, and tell the rays I was asking after them!!!
Hi Geoff, 
             Just to say many thanks for the two days diving last week - I really did enjoy myself and I know that Wilf did too! I will have to budget for a new suit now I've got the bug back, so no doubt we will be making another visit, as there were many places we never got to.
Will send some pics over when I've got them on PC - I was quite pleased with some, as it was the first time I had used the housing - Pic of the ray in the sea cave was a bit dark though!
Hope the weather holds for you all and regards to Kerry.  Hope the attached gives you a laugh!  
Hi Geoff and Kerry
Thanks for some great diving while we were with you a few weeks ago.  The Ray dives were something else.  Both myself and Steve had a great time and I am sure we will dive with you again in the future.  As promised I have downloaded my photos and video clips onto CD and will post them to you within the next couple of days.  Could you send me the best address to post the CD to.  
All the best,
Martin Bradley (sheraton la caleta)
Hey guys and gals, I finally managed the technology and successfully uploaded the photographs from stingray city. It looks like you can download from here too!.
I have yet to master the techniques to get video uploaded - I wait 5 to 14 minutes watching a progress bar move from left to right and when it gets to 90% it tells me it can't finish would I like to try again.
Nevertheless, I shall eventually get them up there, for you to look at, so keep coming back to see new content.
The page is at
Thanks for a great dive all, and all the best.
Hi Debs!
 Back in Croatia and back at work! 
Thanks for everything; It was nice diving with you on Thursday last week; We had a great time; Just sorry that we didn’t meet you;
 Best regards to the whole team….
 Melita & Pero
Thank you Geoff, Kerry and Amy and Richard, you have given my daughter Katie another expensive hobby!! We had a fantastic time in July with you guys. shame that I panicked and wasted so much of your time, but we shall return and I will not let it beat me. Lloyd cannot thank you enough for the Wreck experience, it was all he imagined diving to be. Fish girl Katie has printed all her photos off and is bragging to her friends. She has made me send for the PADI book on Advanced Diver. All this from a 13 year old. She really has been bitten by the bug.
Cameron had a great time and is so chuffed he got his Open Water Diver before his big brother, many thanks to Richard and Amy for their time and expert help.
Big John the Great Dane has sent us all his photos and the film of Lone with the rays. 
You lot at Atlantic Divers were so chilled and made our holiday for us, your friendly attitude, your help and advice and the fact that you treat everyone as family was fantastic. We will be back. Jackie, Lloyd and Katie Davies and the Hudson boy Cameron.
As you can see I am at work, it is  nearly time to go home. Sorry I never got to you sooner but once you are home the holiday seems a million miles away.
Au Revoir 
Jackie x 
Hi Geoff,
Just a quick note to thank you,Kerry and Amy for the fab diving experience this year. 
I really enjoyed it, Ben also sends his thanks for all the effort in helping him experience the joys of SCUBA Diving. I think when he finishes with the sea swimming competitions he may eventually take it up as a hobby. Thanks also to Brian for the use of his fins. I learnt alot about buoyancy on this trip thanks again Geoff. Sean will be green with envy when I meet him at the weekend. Clear waters for the rest of the season.
 Regards,  Gerry Bunyan from Ireland. 
Hi Geoff,
Thanks for a great holiday, we came home to a flooded kitchen, which really smells and we are still waiting for the assessor to come round. At least the weather has improved, so we can keep the doors open.
 Anyway I heard about the fire's, hope you are all OK. Please can I have Kerry's email or mobile number so I can send her some pics. I have sent you soem for you and your website if you wish.
 See you soon and miss you
 Jo & Jerry
Dear Geoff
 Safe back home. And made it through customs with ournew gear - theres a law saying that you are not allowed to
buy for more than about 175Euros - more than that will be taxed with 25 %....jesus....its like Sweden!!! We met Tavs and Helle at the airport and had coffee with them for about an hour - nice people.
 What a great week :-)
Can it be any better? Have to come again to check that out.... And what en evening with Mel last night - really nice you came and joined us for a while - appreciate :-) .
 If you have the time one day, could you please mail me the photos you have of us taken at Meridian last nov - you showed them to me when I saw the great octopus/octopus photo. It could be great to have them.
 Hope you and everybody are all fine. Say hi to Mel...and give Kerry a hug.
 Hope to see you all soon :-)
 Love Anne
 And thanks again!!!
 Hi Geoff,
 Thanks very much for all the diving whilst we were in Tenerife.  The video clips have come out great, thanks very much. We both enjoyed our diving and Louise is really pleased to have completed her Open Water - what an excellent Instructor Theresa is.  We're now "looking forward" !!!!! to trying her out in a dry suit in about 10 degrees or cooler - could be fun.
 I'm still making enquiries about the bits for your boat - prop, tubes etc. At the moment Mariner do 4 blade props and 5 blade props in 17".  I'm trying to find the best performance - whether its 4 or 5 blade in Stainless.  I will let you know as soon as I have some information for you.  One thing I have found out is that new tubes are VERY expensive, but I'm scouting around to see what I can find.
 All the Best,   Alan Fleming.
here are some of the pictures from april.
hope you enjoy.
see you all soon
 Hi Geoff, Kerry and Richard and everyone else
 Just a short note to say thanks to everyone for last week, as usual you helped make it a great week (we're easily amused!)  Charlie especially enjoyed himself and feels so much more confident, I think he's hooked so lots more diving for me!!  
 Felt like flying straight back the weather's been so dismal, this is the first sun we've seen since we got back.  If it doesn't improve may have to sneak back, don't know if we can wait til Sept! 
 Since I'm not PADI do you need my date of birth for AOW or anything else?, it's 29/08/64 and our address - 
Was Charlie supposed to have a Seac Sub Octopus? He didn't notice until we got home and were having a look at his kit. And if he was wanting to try his wetsuit here with a shortie on top (or would it still be too cold do you think?), would he need a size bigger for the shortie? 
 Oh and remember to get a log book for Dad, he was looking for it not that he'll probablly need before Sept.
 Many thanks again
 Susan and Charlie 
 Hi Geoff
Colin here some top drawer drinkin you didnt seem that bad i was full as an egg and i eventually found Audrey we were still drunk most of the following day, we met sean and he told us we were in in Murphys with you which was news to us 
Thanks for the diving it was the best diving so far it wont be too long before we're back with more people so get your drinkin hat ready.
all the best  Colin & Audrey 
Hi Geoff,
             Thank you for a very enjoyable diving holiday they seem to get better and more interesting each time I come. It’s great being able to dive and know I am in safe hands, the angel shark prove that once again, We have already found a family who wish to rent our home so we are one step nearer the move. Sorry I missed saying good bye to Kerr
Regards Hugh
Hi Geoff,
 I am back now and still feeling bit rough. I would like to say thanks for all you did for me in the last couple of weeks.  Diving with you was an absolute pleasure.
 Hope Kez is doing ok, let me know. I will get some pics together to send, and I'll also get those instructions together.
 Thanks. Will keep in touch.   Graham
Thanks for an excellent couple of days diving. I have added a selection of the Stan photos from the trip to the passport on . I've also added links to you all.
 Enjoy, Arthur
Hi Geoff 
               Compliments, where  compliments are due. Kerry and your self have trained and looked after me, and made me feel at home, and I will never for get that.
      Yvonne has only met you once and she said how friendly you all are.
See you soon, Hu
On the 19th march we had some great dives with you. I promised to send some pictures which hereby follows. Copyright by me.  I have an executable slideshow on
 I have still not updated my homepage 
 krgds  Nils E Olsen
Hi Geoff
back home in Guildford now. 
 Thx for everything, very enjoyable trip.  You have been extremely helpful and I appreciate this.
 Could you please remember to do my PADI paperwork and send it to me by post or through their website, whichever is easiest.
 Also, could you please ask Richard to do a quick CD with the pictures he's taken in the last 2 days of my diving (30.3/31.3). If he prefers to email me, he can  do a ZIP file and send it to me.  If hotmail rejects the ZIP attachment, I have a second email address which I can provide to you.
Finally a quick email RE my camera for the insurance company would be VERY much appreciated.
 My home address (in case you need to send me the PADI stuff / CD with pictures) 
PS: if you want me to look into a battery for your camera, I need some details: camera make and model & battery type 
PPS: if Alan is coming to Guildford to work, he has to ring me for a drink....
Hi Geoff
thanks for the time we had with you and will keep in touch - if I get any good pictures I will foward a few to you and will pass on your information to the local dive clubs.
Regards  Dave and Liz Muir
Hi Geoff 
I thought I would dorp you a line really enjoyed being with you guys, I wasnt pleased with my Diving all at the time,still cant understand why I got spooky I have done alot of Diving I think it might have been the long lay off I had waiting for my knee to heal, I know I had a Dive in November in a Quarry.
Anyway I will start Diving at the end of January and now with the Boat Dive I done with you I only need my Deep Dive to get my Advanced Open Water I would have loved to of done it with you I was down about 18 to 20m before I started getting spooky and from what I know its only 25m for the Deep dive so dam close to my goal. If I come back to Tenerife I would love to Dive with you guys again.
Thanks for a good time
 very kind Regards Fred
Hi to All,
 Many thanks to all for my diving experiences whilst in Teneriffe over Christmas 2006.  Thanks for all the transport to and from the Dive sites and expert boat skippering from Kerry. Extra special thanks to Alan for all his proffessionalism, patience and understanding (particularly when I had a little Confidence Crisis!!!) in helping me acheive my OpenWater Certification.
 Had a great time and look forward to seeing you again around June.
 Thanks again.  Alan  
Hi folks, hope you all had a good Christmas and a happy new year, and also that your short break for your friends wedding went well?
 A big thank you for looking after us, and arranging the great diving on our holiday, it was even better than we remembered from the year before!!  We can’t stop talking about it (and boring all our friends about it!) no really, our friends were really surprised by it, as they kept saying to us ‘There’s nothing there! So proven wrong, they are now saying – when are you going back, and would you like to arrange a group trip. I attach a few photos – one is a caption for Alan, if he remembers the joke at the time we were out there…
 On the topic of arranging the next one – we might be thinking about April time (but not Easter), a bit later in the month – what might we see around at that time?
 Thanks Again   Christine & Steve Magness
Dear Geoff,
 Just a note to say thanks for the great diving and holiday and soon as we have booked our flights we will email u the dates. Most of the airline have no flight details for Christmas this year as yet they dates only go as far as October
 Debs knows what apartment we looking for.
 Regards  Stuart
 Hi, hope everything is ok, thought i'd send the pic of that puffer fish! not an expert so if you don't receive it let me know! Had a great time and got some great photos! hopefully get back in the future sometime, Aimee
Hi Geoff,
 Just a short word to thank you for last week's diving! I really enjoyed them and was really fascinated with the rays. I got some excellent shots! You will probably be happy to know that over here the temparature at the best of the day is around 6°C... :=) Anyway, that's the price to pay to get a little snow.  In case you ever come over to Switzerland again, don't hesitate to give us a ring.
Best Regards,  Julio
Hi Geoff
Just like to thank you for an amazing 3 days diving!  THANKYOU!!  As usual your'e centre was professional and friendly with fun experiences like travelling to and from the centre in the van? Karen and I both enjoyed your hospitality at the restaurant in Valle San Lorenzo, they do need to make the ribs a little biggeR though!

Paul and Karen