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Dive P.A.D.I. or B.S.A.C. 

LEARN TO DIVE in TENERIFE while on holiday.

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    Remember if you come and do a course with us you can come in one day and have the next day free. You don't need to do 3 days in a row.  Diving in Tenerife, made easy......

Diving is fun and very easy to do whatever age you are.  An introductory dive Discover Scuba Diving is also available for anybody who has never been in the water before.  We are just normal people like you, our teaching methods are relaxed and in such a way which you will enjoy the course and be relaxed at all times.

P.A.D.I. Scuba Diver
This course is a pre-entry level of certification which allows you to obtain a license to 12 meters which for some people is enough.  The course takes 1-2 days to complete and there is no final written exam.  With this certification you will be allowed to dive up to 12 meters under professional supervision. Obtain air fills and purchase tax-free kit from us, continue up towards Open Water Diver Level. The course also credits to part of your Open Water Course which is to 18 meters.   You can also complete home-study programs before arriving to dive in Tenerife.  All equipment, diving, instruction, certification card and materials are provided.  

Basic Requirements
10 years of age for Junior Scuba Diver and 15 years for Scuba Diver.
Contact us if you have any questions as students must be comfortable in water. A medical questionnaire will be filled out on your arrival at Atlantic Divers Tenerife and prior to the start of any in water training. 

P.A.D.I. Open Water Diver/ B.S.A.C. Ocean Diver
Diving in Tenerife, with us, this course will teach you all the necessary theory and water skills to enable you to dive with another qualified diver/buddy.   The maximum training depth for training dives on this course is 18 meters.  With this qualification you can obtain air fills and purchase scuba equipment, continue training with adventure dives or obtain your Advanced Open Water Certification 30 meters. You can complete this program in 3-4 days because we can now do 3 training dives a day. All equipment, diving, instruction, certification card and materials are provided.  We give courses personal priority this is why they can be done in 3-4 days.  We give courses personal instructors.

The day normally begins with us picking you up from your hotel at 8.30 am. We finish around 4.00 pm and don't worry we stop for lunch.  We make your course fun and easy, it's not like being back at school.  You will pay one price for your course and if you need extra dives we will give you extra dives free of charge. We have our own boats so your last dive will be on the world famous Stingray World.

Course Content 
5 Theory Modules  (I have a new system for theory lessons now, to make your life easier)
5 Confined Water Modules
4 Open Water Dives

As you can see most of the course is diving, we split up the theory lessons.  The first time we teach you 3 modules and the next day we teach you 2 modules.  The rest of the course is just dive, dive, dive.

Basic Requirements
10 years of age for Junior Open Water and 15 years for Open Water Diver.   Contact us if you have any questions because students must feel comfortable in the water.  A medical questionnaire will be filled out on your arrival at Atlantic Divers and prior to the start of any in water training.

The Adventures in Diving program offers both the Adventure Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver certifications. If you complete any three adventure dives, you can earn your PADI Adventure Diver certification. If you complete your Deep Adventure Dive, Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive and three Adventure Dives for a total of five, you can earn your Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

Adventure Diver
If you have wanted to take photos or try wreck diving in Tenerife, with the adventure diver you can do three dive of your choice so you get a taster of what you like to do.
To start this course you need:-

  • PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization)
  • Minimum age: 15 years old (10 for PADI Junior Adventure Diver)
    You will do your dives from the list below.


  • Specialties Available to divers 10 years old and older:
      • AWARE-Fish Identification Underwater Naturalist
      • Boat Underwater Navigator
      • Peak Performance Buoyancy
      • Underwater Photography
  • More Specialties Available to divers 12 years and older:
      • Altitude Multilevel
      • Deep Night
      • Dive Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)
      • Search and Recovery
      • Drift Diving
      • Underwater Videography
      • Dry Suit
      • Wreck

Adventures In Diving Pak



What happens now?

Once you have your adventure diver you can now go further by completing two more adventure dives that include deep and navigation and then you are an PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.

Your adventure dives you do can count as credit towards any PADI speciality diver course.  So if you do a Peak Performance buoyancy dive during your adventure or advanced course.  Due to the fact that the PPB course is only 2 dives you then only need to do one dive to gain that certification.

P.A.D.I. Advanced Open Water

What do you need to do the course?

  • PADI Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization)
  • Minimum age: 15 (12 for PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Diver)

This course will take you to 30 meters for a maximum for the training dives and we still give you a night dive if you request it.  You will gain experience in diving from many different locations in different entry styles.  You will be under the supervision of an instructor at all times.  Your life of diving is just beginning here as you are now ready to go further in your certifications and knowledge.  During this course you will be navigating and experiencing deep diving.  You will also get to choose 3 dives of your choice and you can complete this course in 2 days. Our normal pattern for you is we will take you to either Palma Caves or Black Coral for your deep dive.  Stingray World will be your Wreck Dive or used as your navigation dive, in this case we use Condesito as your wreck dive.  We will take you to Las Rosas for a multilevel dive and we will drift the coast line along Stone City for a drift dive.  This is our idea you can all change this program if you want. There is no exam during this course but we let you do the Scuba Tune Up little quiz just to see how much you remember.

P.A.D.I. Rescue Diver Course (click for requirements)
This course will give you more knowledge and also give you the experience to expand your level beyond recreational level.  You will learn to look out for and assist other divers.  This is a serious course but very enjoyable.

This course will make you very comfortable in the water not only with yourself but in assisting other divers as well.  During your first two courses you were concerned with yourself this takes you to a completely different level. 

Emergency First Response click for website
This course will teach you to become a qualified person to administer Medic First Aid help and will give you the knowledge of how to act in a situation when nobody else knows what to do.  This course is strongly recommend for everybody as you never know when you might need it.

If you set your sights close to home and aspire to work at a local dive center, you teach people how to dive and guide trips to exotic dive destinations. There's a sense of pride sharing something you are passionate about. You help others enrich their own lives by experiencing the adventure of diving.

All other courses please e-mail for a full description.