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  Scuba diving at its best on Tenerife


Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


This is only a few of our stunning dive sites when launching from Las Galletas harbour, offcially The Best Diving area in the Canary Islands...

Stingray City

Two minutes outside the harbour, this is one the favourite sites of most divers. Depth, 12 to 20 meters. Marine life, Atlantic, Round, Common, Eagle and Butterfly rays, Trumpet Fish, Bream, Morays, Roncadores, Barracuda, Octopus to name a few..

Coral Arches

5 minutes out. Depth 18 to 24 meters. Stunning arches, a favorite of Jacques Cousteau with a plaque to commenorate this. Usual marine life with a good chance of seeing Angel Sharks, Bonitos.


5 minutes out. Depth 20 to 32 meters. Great rock topography, scenic canyons. Good for Zebra bream, Nudibranc, lobsters, large Barracuda plus the usual marine life.

Yellow Mountain

10 minutes out. Depth 5 to 25 meters. Every ones favourite with stunning rock formations, over hangs, swim thros and marine life.

Amarilla Baja

10 minutes out. Depth 15 to 40 meters. A superb pinnical rising up from a sand sea bed. Sting rays, huge shoals of Barracuda, Yellow sponges, Nudibranc, Bream, Morays, Jewel anenomes of a variety of colors, an abundance of marine life.

Las Rosas/The Steps

10/15 minutes out. Depth 5 to 50 meters. My favourite dive. Volcanic formed reef with swim thros, overhangs, funnels, basalt columns and gullies leading off to a 30 meters ledge dropping off to 50 meters plus. Black coral, Angel sharks plus anything that swims past on this most southern tip of Tenerife.

El Faro/Lighthouse

15 minutes out. Depth 10 to 40 meters. Stunning rock formations, as you follow an outcrop of lava to the 30 meter ledge, drop off through the Black Coral, looking out into the blue for anything to swim by. Good dive for Rays, Morays, Barracuda and lobsters.

Sharks Cave

15miutes out. Depth 15 to 25 meters. Large cave, more of a swim thro really, full of marine life. trumpet fish, Stripped Bream, rays, Big Eyes, and quite often large Tamberill and Angel Sharks on the sand outside the cave.

El Condesito

15 minutes out. Depth 8 to 45 meters. Everyones favourite wreck. Steam ship carrying bags of cement for Los Cristianos ran aground christmas eve! All the crew stepped off the ship onto the rocks, then carried on celebrating! Well broken up, exposing the engine room. Depth 8 meters to top, 17 to the bottom. Follow gullies out to stunning drop offs and Black Coral.

Palm Mar Cave

20 minutes out. Depth 15 to 30 meters. Interesting dive with a history. Great cave dive, with fantastic marine life. Eagle rays, Butterfly rays, Morays, Octopus etc.


20 minutes out. Depth 5 to 25 meters. Fast becoming THE dive. Turtles, Eagle Rays, Tuna, Dolphins, Roncadores, Atlantic Rays etc. Brilliant dive!

  Deep Dives 
 - Ali baba Cave. 15 minutes out. Depth 30 to 50 meters.
 - White Moon. 15 minutes out. Depth 30 to 50 meters.
 - Steps Deep. 10 minutes out. Depth 30 to 50 meters.
 - Cita del Mar wreck. 15 minutes out. Depth 35 to 50 meters.
 - Atlantic Reef. 15 minutes out. Depth 18 to 50 meters plus.

All the above sites are stunning dives, and our favorite dives. Please feel free to ask for information on any site listed above.
Also please feel free to ask for information on the many SHORE DIVES we have here. Contact details below...  


  Call the dive centre on 0034-822052286 or text/WhatsApp Geoff on 0034 696101239  to book a dive. Feel free to send us an email if you've got a questions or care for more  information on our rates and availability.